Clayton's Hope Organization is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization benefiting Epilepsy Research. All proceeds raised by our organization are distributed to various facilities for research, awareness and support.

Whether you are suffering from Epilepsy, love someone who is, or would just like to support our organization - we hope that you will take a moment and look through our site.

Mostly, spread the word. Only together can we make a difference in the fight against Epilepsy.





Epilepsy Statistics

Over 50 million individuals worldwide
Over 3 million individuals in the United States
Over 300,000 new cases reported each year
1 in 10 people will have a seizure


Claytons Hope
Our Mission
  • That no one affected by Epilepsy will be without knowledge, informational resources or support.
  • That the general public will have a better understanding of Epilepsy and it's affects.
  • That we will raise funds through donations and fundraisers that will be donated to Epilepsy research, awareness and support.
  • That one day we will read about Epilepsy as a disease of the past.

Road Scholar Transport Charities

Road Scholar TransportRoad Scholar Transport has created an 18 wheeler for Clayton's Hope Organization that will be hauling loads around the country to help raise awareness and funding for Epilepsy Research.

== > Click HERE to check it out ... and please make sure you Contact them to show your support and appreciation for their contributions to our organization's efforts < ==

Road Scholar Transport